Precision Fasteners



H. Paulin & Co.’s light gauge cold heading facility specializes in Made to Order screws for unique industrial applications in steel, stainless, brass, aluminum and copper. Precision Fasteners provides thread cutting, plasform, Hi-Form® and other types of thread forming screws. Manufactured screws are made with all standard drives as well as specialty drives including Quadrex, Six Lobe and Square / Phillips / Slot combinations. Precision has laser sorting capabilities to meet the demands for defect free products in hopper fed automated applications.

Traditional Markets Include:

  • Automotive Interior Systems and 
  • Plastic Components
  • Electrical & Electronics Recreational Equipment
  • Household & Plumbing Manufacturers
  • Injection Molded Product Assemblers
  • Knockdown Furniture Packagers
  • Office & Furniture Manufacturers
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Sports Equipment Providers
  • Window Manufacturers

Quality Control

Precision Fasteners is compliant to ISO standards implementing critical operating procedures including process control, production identification & traceability, inspection & testing, calibration and control of non-conforming product.

Contact Information:
470 Harrop Dr.,
Milton, ON L9T 3H2
Tel:  905-826-9270
Fax: 905-826-9276