Community Involvement

H. Paulin's Goals and Objectives

H. Paulin a division of The Hillman Group Canada ULC will join the Hillman US team in partnering with Ronald McDonald House. The Hillman Group has had great success with the organization and assisting with their community outreach programs. RMHC supports families of children with severe illnesses while they are being treated in nearby hospitals. The houses provide food and shelter to these families’ while they are away from their home. They serve more than 10,000 families across country. What makes RMHC a good charity to support for us in Canada is that, like Paulin, they are spread across Canada. That means that each city that we have a location in, with the exception of Moncton, has an individual house that we can support. This allows our Paulin employees to make a difference in the community in which they live.
In order to create buy-in for RMHC with Paulin employees, we wish to begin this year with some basic charitable donations that the entire company can participate in.

For the 2016 Year

  1. Food and personal items good drive: Each branch and location across the country will set up a donation box in order to collect non-perishable food items and small personal hygiene items. Furthermore, each branch will contact their local house to determine what goods are in need, and collect those items as well – HR will reach out to each location to assist with next steps.
  2. Events: Possible charitable donations (between $2 and $5) to be made by employee at annual events. Proceeds will go to the Toronto RMHC.