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H. Paulin, a division of The Hillman Group Canada ULC (“H. Paulin”) employs over 600 employees across Canada. We have a solid group of professionals whose dedication and teamwork form the backbone of our company. H. Paulin continually strives to hire associates that meet our standards for interpersonal skills and strong work ethic.

Our employees enjoy a friendly, team oriented workplace. We strive to maintain a work environment where employees have an opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow. H. Paulin routinely recognizes outstanding efforts of deserving individuals. This provides a positive reinforcement for our people. We want our employee base to feel respected, involved, and to be able to perform to their highest capabilities.


H. Paulin believes that ensuring diversity is not only fundamental to its future growth and progress, but is an integral part of all its business activities. We believe that success happens where new ideas can flourish – in an environment that is rich in diversity, a place where people from various backgrounds and abilities can work productively together. At H. Paulin we know that an environment that fosters diversity is the kind of environment which brings out the untapped potential that lies in our work force, which stimulates innovation and Company growth. Our diversity mission is to continue to be a company with the following inherent and lasting characteristics:

  • Universal recognition by everyone with whom it deals as a Company committed to diversity and synonymous with improving the opportunities of disadvantaged groups in employment;
  • A workforce that fully reflects the requisite skills available in the relevant employment market;
  • A preferred employer and vendor for all cultural groups in the population by virtue of our reputation in this field;
  • An environment where every employee understands and voluntarily values diversity in all areas of practice; and
  • An environment where all employees have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

The recognition and encouragement of the uniqueness of individual contribution within a team environment is the embodiment of H. Paulin and its employment policies. Our philosophy is found in all aspects of employment such as recruitment, compensation, training, promotion, transfer and benefits. All employees at H. Paulin will be treated as individuals according only to their abilities to meet job requirements and without regard to factors such as race, sex, color, national/ethnic/place of origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, religion/creed or any other factor that is legislatively protected within the province where the employee works. Any kind of discrimination or harassment based upon these factors is neither permitted nor condoned and above all, will not be tolerated under any circumstances.