Quality Control
     Long-Lok Canada
  • The division has been manufacturing locking/sealing fasteners for over 30 years, mainly servicing the Automotive and Industrial O.E.M.s through fastener manufacturers and distributors.
  • Long-Lok Canada is a licensee of 3M Co. and Loctite Corp. for the application
    of 15 different types of adhesives and sealants for various applications. All adhesive products are “Pre-Applied” and remain dormant until the shearing action of the mating part causes micro-capsules to break, setting the curing process into motion.
  • After installation, the cure time ranges from 1 hour to 72 hours depending on the product and application. The thread sealants are also “Pre-Applied”, but perform instantly upon installation. Further details are available for each product in the following sections.
  • In addition to self-locking/self sealing fasteners, Long-Lok is capable of applying various colours of paint to the top of fastener heads, typically required for identification purposes.
  • Application of micro-encapsulated adhesives or sealants to threaded fasteners.
Traditional Markets
  • Appliances- washers,dryers,refrig.,dishwash.
  • Yard machines-lawnmowers,snowblowers
  • Personal watercraft-jet ski, sea-doo,boats.
  • Marine-engines,rigging, steering etc.
  • Electrical-transformers,switches,connectors
  • Various industrial machinery
  • Furniture-office chairs,work stations, etc.
  • Power tools-saws, drills,routers,planers,etc.
  • Compressors-rotary, screw, piston.
  • Transportation equip.-buses,subway cars,etc.
  • Electronics-circuit boards,computers, etc.
  • Pool accessories-pumps,filters


In 1996 Long-Lok Canada achieved registration to ISO 9002:1994. Two years later,
the division became certified to QS9000:1998. Long-Lok upgraded to the current ISO 9001:2008 standard in 2010. All orders processed receive 100% on-line inspection, lot traceability, in process verification and final testing.

All documents are maintained on file in our Q.A. Lab. All test instruments used
are calibrated by accredited laboratories at intervals required by
ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Copies of our ISO9001:2008 Certificate of Registration are available for download.


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